Just in time for the summer, Sydney based Indie Rock artist Sam Marks has announced the release of his warming, upbeat, single 'Eventide' (out November 27). The single is a melancholic love story that has an infectious sense of charm.

The young virtuoso is no stranger to the Australian music scene. Sam studied classical composition at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and has played in multiple Rock bands over the past decade. He has also played countless amounts of shows in Australia and abroad as a solo artist, beginning his own venture in September with his solo debut single 'Ellie Mae'.

Marks has written a contemplative piece that explores the complex and difficult emotions that arise when one can't be with the person they long for. Marks explains: "It is largely an evocation of my time briefly spent with someone in San Francisco while traveling through California in 2018. The story is one of nostalgia, reflecting on our dreamy evening adventures through the enchanting city, most particularly, walking alongside the water from the Musée Mécanique to the Golden Gate Bridge. Eventide is a wistful memoir."

Sam Marks teamed up with long-time Ocean Alley producer Callum Howell to record his new single. 'Eventide' will be embracing the summer on Friday, November 27 and help Sam Marks set himself up for a big year in 2021 where he promises he has a lot more to come.

"Sam has me suddenly transported from my home to the open road in the middle of nowhere, just flying down the highway on my way to nowhere. Bring it on!" - Declan Byrne (JJJ Radio, Aus)