Sam Marks

Returning in full force with his second single of the year, Sydney-based indie-rocker Sam Marks delivers enticing vocals, emotional turbulence and unrestrained instrumental dynamism in newest release ‘Vagabond’ out on August 13.

With his many musical aptitudes, Sam Marks isn’t afraid to deftly weave varying influences into his sound, from the sunlight-infused melodies in debut single ‘Ellie Mae’ to the flavoursome reggae twist embraced in latest release ‘Tend To Yourself’.

Now, just like the song’s namesake, Marks explores frenzied rock elements in ‘Vagabond’, delivering wandering melodies, choppy rhythms and feverish vocal techniques.

Immediately soaked in coatings of reverb-drenched guitars boasting addictive riffs, Marks’ vocal tone is as warm as ever, his slight rasp accentuating the burgeoning turmoil of the lyrics. A big, powerful chorus unveils an echo-worthy lyrical hook before the song steadies again for a shortened second verse. The calm before the storm, an instrumental breakdown is built from the ground up creating a vortex of swirling guitars, roaring percussion and layered vocal textures.

Bringing youthful exuberance and honest reflection to his songwriting, Marks wrote ‘Vagabond’ about a previous partner and the overwhelming feelings of being in an unsustainably chaotic relationship, stating:

"’Vagabond’ is a story influenced by someone I had a relationship with a few years ago. They were in Australia for a period of time, escaping their life in their home country. She'd had a troubled past and a difficult time dealing with it. At times, I was overwhelmed with what I'd learnt about her past. I was swept up in a fiery and tempestuous relationship with them, slipping into an expanding maelstrom of emotions. And all of the sudden, they were gone."

Sam Marks studied classical composition at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and has played in multiple rock bands during the past decade. Since starting his own venture in 2020, Marks’ solo releases have seen support from Aus Music Scene, The AU Review, AAA Backstage, Triple J Unearthed, MTV Upload and more.
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  1. Vagabond

Tend To Yourself

Sam Marks

'Tend To Yourself' is Sam's third single, and first of 2021.

With his compelling, husky vocals and soft spot for reverb-drenched guitars, Sydney-based virtuoso Sam Marks is back with a new single ‘Tend To Yourself’, a lush indie-rock track brimming with groovy reggae influences (out March 26).

His third single, following the release of well-received summertime tune ‘Eventide’ last November, ‘Tend To Yourself’ sees Marks bring a new depth to his music, adding a flavoursome reggae twist to his familiar blend of upbeat indie-rock.

A rich single charged with soaring guitars and a contagious beat that accentuates Marks’ powerful vocals, ‘Tend To Yourself’ surges with unbridled energy in the song’s second half with a razor-sharp overdriven guitar riff and solo, bringing an exhilarating edge to the track. Like a cooling breeze on a warm day, ‘Tend To Yourself’ is a breath of fresh air, further showcasing Marks’ vocal prowess and willingness to explore multiple influences within his music.

Known for invoking feelings of nostalgia through his music, Marks wrote ‘Tend To Yourself’ whilst reflecting on his time during COVID-19, aiming to remind people about the importance of self-care, stating:

"The title says it all. Tend To Yourself. However that may be. Ironically, this is something I’m not very good at - switching off and relaxing. During covid I was forced to have some down time, as most people were. I learnt about how important it can be."

No stranger to the Australian music scene, Sam Marks studied classical composition at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and has played in multiple rock bands during the past decade. Since starting his own venture in September with his solo debut single 'Ellie Mae’, Marks continues to solidify his standing as a respected solo artist with his uniquely crafted brand of nostalgic indie-rock.
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